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The Chaim, Fanny, Louis, Benjamin and Anne Florence Kaufman Memorial Trust
Samuel L. Westerman Foundation

Cantors Assembly Foundation
Cantor Sholom and Mrs. Goldie Kalib
National Endowment for the Humanities
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Frumeth Hirsh Polasky
The Ben and Esther Rosenbloom Foundation

Bar-Levav Family Foundation
Max M. Fisher Jewish Community Foundation Trust
Dr. and Mrs. Jerome and Shaindel Kasle
Dr. Dady and Mrs. Martha Mehta
Dr. Milton Shiffman
Mr. Asher N. and Mrs. Arlene F. Tilchin

Congregation Beth Emeth Bais Yehuda of Toronto
Chizuk Amuno Congregation/Hazzan Emanuel C. Perlman
Mr. Fred and Mrs. Miriam Ferber
Fishman Family Foundation
The Fishoff Family Foundation
Mrs. Shirley J. Freedman
Mr. Dan Knopper
Kosins Family Foundation
Lucius N. Littauer Foundation
Bernard L Maas Foundation
Mr. Irvin and Mrs. Eleanor Naiman
Cantor Pamela Schiffer
Toronto Cantorial Trust

Mr. Alan and Mrs. Janet Abramowitz
Dr. Charles and Mrs. Zipora Abzug
Mr. Alan T. Ackerman
Mr. Brian D. and Mrs. Annette F. Adelman
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Aloof
Mrs. Shirley Alper
Cantor David Bagley
Mr. Eric and Mrs. Claire Beissinger
Cantor Allan R. and Mrs. Nancy Berman
Mr. Mandel Berman
Mr. Sam and Mrs. Shirley Bernstein
Mr. Lou Berry
Beth Abraham Youth Chorale of Dayton, OH
Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Barbara Bloom
Mr. Steven L. Bond
Cantor David and Mrs. Goldie Brandhandler
Cantor Harold and Mrs. Florence Brindell
Mr. Clement C. Caditz
Cantors Association of Greater Baltimore
Cantors Council of Detroit
Mr. Henry H. Caplan
Ms. Judith Chernak
Mr. Max Chill
Dr. Nessim and Mrs. Patricia A. Cicurel
Dr. Mark and Mrs. Helen Cohan
Mr. Bernard G. and Mrs. Esther S. Cohen
Mr. Michael Cohen
Ms. Phyllis S. Cohen
Judge Avern Cohn
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Cooper
Coville-Triest Family Foundation
Dr. Leo Croll
Mr. Ezra and Mrs. Amy R. Cutler
Danziger Foundation
Mr. Carl Dibble
Mr. Marc and Mrs. Leah Donaty
Mr. Milton Dresner
Ms. Maureen C. Dyer
Mr. David and Mrs. Yehudis Eagle
Mrs. Marlene Eichner
Dr. David and Mrs. Ruth Eisenberg
Mr. Gideon Eisenberg
Mr. Israel and Mrs. Rachell Eisenberg
Mr. Marc and Mrs. Roberta Eisenberg
Mr. Ronald Eisenberg
Ms. Ruth Eisenberg
Dr. Harold Esrig
Dr. Raymond and Mrs. Dorothy Failer
Mr. Julian and Mrs. Bertha Feiler
Mr. Sidney Feldman
Dr. Melvin and Mrs. Wendy Flamenbaum
Ms. Elizabeth K. Frank
Mr. Samuel Frankel
Dr. Jack and Mrs. Mary Freedland
Mr. Murray and Mrs. Lisa Friedman
Gale Foundation
Mrs. Beth Galinsky
Mr. Fred Gattengo
Mr. Jack Geliebter
Mr. Albert Gethner
Mr. Milton Gilman
Mrs. Lillian Gold
Mr. Louis Gold
Ms. Greta Golden
Mr. Leonard S. and Mrs. Barbara L. Goodman
Ms. Sandra Goodman
Mr. Benzion and Mrs. Miriam Gotlib
Dr. Sam and Mrs. Mickey Gotlib
Alvin J. Gottlieb Foundation
Mrs. Felicia Greenbaum
Mr. Allan and Mrs. Sima Greenberg
Mr. David and Mrs. Toni Greenberg
Mr. Bruce Greene
Ms. Molly Griner
Mr. Herb Gubnitsky
Mr. Ben Gurvitz
Rabbi Jon R. Haddon
Mr. Jerome and Mrs. Renae Hahn
Ms. Karen Hatwell
Mr. Dovev and Mrs. Shayna Hefetz
Ms. Pamela S. Heinig
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Henkin
Mrs. Yetty M. Herman
Mr. David Hermelin
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Herz
Mrs. Myra L. Hettleman
Dr. and Mrs. Reuben M. Hoch
Ms. Jackie Hood-Holton
Mr. Earl Hordes
Mrs. Irene Horn
Mr. Richard and Mrs. Linda Horn
Mr. Gary and Mrs. Carol Hurand
Mr. Steve Jackson
Mr. Alan P. Jacobs
Dr. Mike Jaffe
Mr. Jack M. Joss
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Judovitz
Dr. Charles Kallick
Louis Kasle Trust Acct.
Mr. Melvin R. Katskee
Rabbi and Mrs. Joseph Katz
Mrs. Shari Kaufman
Kate Kheel
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Kimel
Mr. Stephen Klein
Mr. Jay Kogan
Cantor Isaac and Mrs. Zahava Koll
Dr. Mark and Cantor Kimberly Komrad
Cantor Jerome and Mrs. Goldye Kopmar
Fannie Kraft Foundation
Mr. Larry Krakow
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Krasna
Ms. Betsy L. Krieger and Mr. David A. Kandel
Mr. Jordan and Mrs. Sandra Laby
Dr. Harold S. Landa
Mr. Michael R. and Mrs. Iris J. Lav
Cantor  Gidon Lavi
Drs. Brian and Renee Lerner
Ms. Rhonda D. Levin
Mr. Bouch and Mrs. Malka Levine
Cantor Emil J. Levy
Mr. Shlomo and Mrs. Ruth Linzer
Rabbi Norman Lipson
Cantor William and Mrs. Betty Lipson
Nick Littlestone
Dr. Aaron and Mrs. Rochelle D. Lupovitch
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Leslie Magy
Dr. Harry and Mrs. Rachel Maisel
Ms. Jill Markowitz
Mr. Uri and Mrs. Deborah L. Meth
Ms. Michele Meyrowitz
Dr. Arnold H. Michael
Mr. Jack Miller
Ms. Anita R. Mitchell
Mr. Louis and Mrs. Judy Morris
Mr. Arie and Mrs. Ella Moskowitz
Cantor Jeffrey Nadel
Dr. Joel I. and Mrs. Maureen S. Nathanson
Mr. Donald Neiman
Mr. Baruch and Mrs. Donna Ness
Mr. Michael S. Novey
Mr. Irving Nussbaum
Mr. James and Mrs. Stefanie Olson
Ms. Tina Oxer
Dr. Stephane Pirnay
Mr. Leslie and Mrs. Audrey Polt
Dr. Verne M. and Mrs. Naomi Primack
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Rabinowitz
Dr. Joel Revzen
Mr. Howard Rittman
Ms. Winifred H. Rome
Mr. Saul and Mrs. Miriam Rose
Dr. Stanley and Mrs. Bernice Rosen
Mr. Ed Rosenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin W. Roth
Cantor Sidney and Mrs. Esther Rube
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Saks
Dr. Rabbi Salimi
Mr. and Mrs. Raymon Sauer
Ms. Sheila Schafer
Dr. Arnold Schaffer
Ms. Gale Merle Schiamberg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Schneider
Cantor Pamela Schiffer
Ms. Christina D. Schwitzer
Dr. William and Mrs. Paula T. Guttman Sharfman
Shaarei Tfiloh Congregation of Baltimore, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Max B. Shapiro
Judge and Mrs. Perry J. Shertz
Mr. David C. Shnier
Cantor David Silverman
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Small
Mr. Zvi A. and Mrs. Julia Solomon
Dr. Samuel Sorscher
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Stein
Dr. Damie and Mrs. Diane Stillman
Rabbi and Mrs. Meyer J. Strassfeld
Mr. Alan and Mrs. Corinne Swoff
Mr. Robert S. Tanenbaum
Mr. Charles and Mrs. Marlene S. Thav
Mr. Hillel and Mrs. Keren Traub
Drs. Barry and Paula Trink
Tuttleman Foundation (Book Award)
Dr. Simcha and Mrs. Debra Varon
Ms. Rosalyn R. Vert
Mr. Marvin M. Wain
Mr. Saul Waldman
Ms. Paricia Hull Warshaw
Cantor and Mrs. Lazar Wax
Mr. Judd and Mrs. Marjorie Weinberg Family Foundation
Rabbi and Mrs. Moshe Weisblum
Mr. Elie Weiss and Mrs. Sara E. Hurand (Weiss)
Mr. Jeff Weiss
Mrs. Sue A. Weiss
West Suburban Temple of River Forest, IL
Mr. Sam and Mrs. Shirley Winston

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