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Our mission is to provide an unparalleled systematic, accessible information source- the world's only centralized, comprehensive, and definitive resource for this musical-cultural heritage.

In order to do this, the Jewish Music Heritage Project's components will include:

  1. Publication of a five-volume, twenty-book anthology that completely documents and explains this music (Volume One released 2002, Volume Two released 2005 ); Click on Books and CDs for further information;
  2. Recording of this music on ca. 75 compact discs from performances by solo cantors and a large choir of men and boys specially trained for an authentic reproduction of the sounds characteristic to the places and periods represented to recapture the magisterial and exhilarating sounds of this music;
  3. Creation of an interactive learning center with computer-based programs that achieve a synthesis of the musical, visual, oral, and written means to transform the way this music and all that it represents is heard, taught, learned, and experienced. It will enable users to:
    • access representative samples of this historic synagogue music.
    • learn about its historic, social, and cultural context.
    • observe, wherever possible, visual documentation from the relevant period and place.
    • view the notated music of their selections.
  4. Development of interactive website capability for the advancement and dissemination of this major musical-cultural tradition.
The Jewish Music Heritage Project differs from other Jewish music projects in that it systematically and comprehensively archives the largest and most significant part of the Jewish musical heritage. This has never before been attempted. The end product will be a collection of everything necessary to recreate the tradition in the future.


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